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Kasseri P.D.O.


Product's Description

This is a fine and delicious cheese, which is the symbol of Thimelis Dairy from the establishment year in 1945.
A semi-hard, pliant cheese, straw yellow in colour, made from a combination of sheep's and goat's milk. One of its characteristics is the compact mass and the lack of holes in its body. Kasseri has a gentle, mellow and lightly spicy taste, while its aroma is mild and pleasant.
It is aged at least for 3 months.

Product's Information

Raw material Sheep's milk (>80%) &
goat's milk (<20%)
Moisture ≤45%
Fat on dry ≥40%

Product's Nutrition Information / 100gr

Energy 1541kj/367kcal
Fat 30.5g
on which saturates 19.2g
Carbohydrate 0.3g
on which sugars 0g
Edible fibers 0g
Proteins 22.8g
Salt 2.2g
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kasseri Thimelis 300g
300g Piece
kasseri Thimelis 1kg
1kg Wheel
kasseri Thimelis 3kg
3kg Block
kasseri Thimelis 8kg
8kg Wheel