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Product's Description

This is a hard cheese, made from sheep's and goat's milk with a strong aroma of herbs of the island of Lesvos.
It matures for months and, once ready, it has the hard cheese texture, with a fragrant aroma and a distinctive and persistent taste, with spicy notes and aromas of milk and herbs.

Product's Information

Raw material Sheep's milk (>70%) &
goat's milk (<30%)
Moisture ≤38%
Fat on dry ≥40%

Product's Nutrition Information / 100gr

Energy 1604kj/382kcal
Fat 31.5g
on which saturates 17.3g
Carbohydrate 0.6g
on which sugars 0g
Edible fibers 0g
Proteins 23.9g
Salt 2.1g
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graviera Τhimelis 300g
300g Piece
graviera Τhimelis 3.5kg
3.5kg Wheel
graviera Τhimelis 8kg
8kg Wheel
graviera Τhimelis 14kg
14kg Wheel