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Discover the history of our company

It has continued uninterruptedly since 1945

The history

The history of the Thimelis cheese products begins in 1945 on the island of Lesvos in the northeastern Aegean Sea. Evripidis Thimelis, the founder of the Thimelis Cheese Company, a member of a generation of traditional cheesemakers and one of the oldest who are associated with the specific profession, is also the one who managed to make use of the raw materials offered by the island for the production of cheese products. So in the middle of the last century, one of the best Greek cheese industries started in Antissa,Greece.

Our island, Lesvos

Lesvos, the third largest island in Greece, stands out for its geomorphologic distinctiveness and its rich herbal flora. The pastures of the island are suitable for grazing dairy cattle, which feed on both mountain and seaside meadows. In other words, the excellent raw material, ie sheep and goat milk, a product of local livestock, combined with the experience of years in the art and science of cheese making are the elements that characterize the products of Thimelis.
Thus, while supporting local producers, they produce their excellent products:
♦ Kasseri P.D.O
♦ Graviera
♦ Ladotyri P.D.O.
♦ Kefalotyri
♦ Feta P.D.O.
♦ Fresh Butter
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Our work

But what makes this particular company and its products extraordinary is the love and knowledge for the cheese production on the island of the descendants of Aeolus, the mythological Keeper of the Winds. During the course of three quarters of the century they have managed to preserve their traditional values, the same as those that Euripides Thimelis had in 1945 at the beginning of his undertaking. Using their tradition as a compass, these values are a milestone for the production. The fact that they are constantly working towards modernizing their facilities means that while respecting their roots they look in the future. Specifically in 2009 their excellent quality was certified with ISO22000.
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Production facility



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